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Today we are privileged enough to have nine fantastic partners, who work tirelessly to bring a fabulous and diverse range of products to our existing product family.

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One of the things that we love is coming across a potential partner who can offer fully certified, high quality products that compliment the ranges we already offer. In fact, we have loved some products so much that we helped our new partner license their products by making them in our own factory.

We put much of our success down to the dedicated and passionate people who have decided to join with us to promote and sell their products. All our partners' products are stored within our own warehouses, allowing us to quickly ship out their products to anywhere in China, when a customer chooses to place an order with us.

Today we are privileged enough to have nine fantastic partners, who work tirelessly to bring a fabulous and diverse range of products to our existing product family.

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In 2020 a Brummy lass called Sonny teamed up with Butler&White’s to create Brown&White’s. It was never easy to find delicious homemade style traditional cakes and desserts whilst being so far from the UK. Much time was spent discussing a range of British classics to bring to everyone.

The cherry on the top is the final touch that makes all the range of desserts and cakes appealing to the eye and giving the real sense of old authentic Grandma's recipes.

Due to the popularity more classic British baked items have been added including Pork Pies with many new items due for release in Summer.

Butler&White's Carvery

While in Shanghai one random weekend in 2019 Butler&White’s were approached by SRC Rugby club asking us to consider doing a Carvery for the players after a tournament. It all started as a joke but has since become a sell out pop-up consistently in several cities. Including Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Suzhou and soon to be Nanjing.

Following the slow cooking method of the marinaded joints we implement a traditional British Carvery showcasing Yorkshire's, stuffing, roasts, two gravies, onion rings, pigs in blankets, mini pies and 6 vegetable varieties. Followed by a Brown & Whites traditional dessert, what could be better!

We can do house parties, pop-ups, events and private hire.

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Master Wine

Master Wine is the perfect location for those of us who are looking for a little bit of home (wherever that may be!). Our western style menu offers a wide range of handmade dishes incorporating imported fish and meats while also offering vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Our regular international events help to ensure that all nationalities are catered for, with recipes obtained from specialists in their local cuisine.

Our wide range of wines are sourced from all over the world. Each wine is handpicked by our experts to ensure we only offer the finest quality and diversity while offering the best possible value. For those non-wine drinkers amongst us, Master Wine stock a wide assortment of imported bottled beers or locally produced draught beers along with a wide selection of spirits.

Camden's Fish & Chips

An authentic British Fish & Chip shop. The fryer was flown in from the UK to ensure that all the food is cooked and prepared authentically. Potatoes are peeled every day and cooked to order. The fish is from the North Sea and sustainably sourced.

They make their mushy peas in house from real Marrowfat peas picked in Norfolk. The curry sauce is from the same source as the UK's best. They also have malt vinegar in sachets as well as tartar sauce. Pickled onions and eggs are also made in house. They use Butler & White for their pies and sausages so that they match the British style and taste. Everything is made to traditional recipes. The two Brits on the team, Mark and Gavin, have between them over 50 years of experience in the UK and Chinese food service lndustry.

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Pierogi Ladies

Pierogi Ladies are the first and only Polish F&B brand in Shanghai that was born out of passion for bringing the highest quality Polish staple food-PIEROGI- to China and inspired by our families restaurateurs and farmers' backgrounds. Our signature products-pierogi- are handmade with the highest quality, fresh ingredients, based on old family recipes yet with our creative twist!

After two years of steady growth, in 2018 we expanded our brand`s offer with bigger variety of modernized, Polish dishes, pickles and various flavors of unique vodka and in-house, infused spirits and creative cocktails based on in-house, organic syrups, inspired by nature.
In 2019 we started mass production of our top - sellers in collaboration with Butler&White's, and now you can also buy our frozen pierogi at popular shops with imported products like Avocado Lady or online supermarkets like Kate & Kimi.
This year we plan the expansion of the wholesale all over China as well!
We strive to be not just a bar & restaurant, but a space that integrates highest quality artisan food, crafted drinks, home-like atmosphere, culture and art as well as a platform for local brands to get together, inspire each other and make the world a better and more fun place with their new entrepreneurial ideas.


Victorias brings to your table the original taste of homemade-style Mexican food, you will find tradition and the magical Mexican touch in each bite. Mexican cuisine has conquered the taste of millions around the world. Victorias is confident in doing repeating this in the Asian hemisphere. We invite you to try our full range of products and hope it makes you feel like being at home, connected with yourself and with those you are sharing your meal with.

From a family of restaurant owners, Guillermo Esparza shares with you his learnings and secret family recipes to delight you with original flavours and unique products.
Guillermo developed Victorias as a brand when he joined Butler&White’s in 2018, adding new perspectives and being an important contribution to the company.
Currently, Victorias offers a range of convenient ready-to-eat meals, processed and packaged for retail through different channels, as well as manufactured products for the foodservice industry. Also performing pop up events, but there is more coming. Please stay tuned and we hope we can meet in your city soon.

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From the first Baozza wrapped in Los Angeles in 2016 to today’s global company, we have maintained the same focus – making delicious food with premium ingredients that defies categories. Two American foodies who lived in China for a combined 20 years loved both baozi and pizza and wanted to combine the best of both worlds – the Baozza!

Herbs and garlic add an Italian flair to the soft dough, while French mozzarella provides a luxurious stretchiness to the eating experience. Pizza fillings from around the world – slow cooked tomato sauce, salami, spinach, BBQ chicken and roast duck – complement the dough and cheese perfectly in unique, delicious combinations.

Hard to categorize but easy to love, we hope you have as much fun eating Baozza as we do making them!


Na Ni Da (拿你的) {meaning: Take yours}
This dream started, as all expat stories go, in another country…and it’s a love story too!

Making sauces has always been a passion. Creating something good to make a meal just that little bit more exceptional a challenge in itself.
The inspiration for the Spicy Range started with African Hot Sauce. My partner and I loved the taste, but found it a bit pricey to buy at the rate we were using it.
So, one day I looked at the ingredients on the bottle, and decided to make my own version of it. Using the basics and my own cooking know-how, I created the first of the spicy sauce. It was chunky like the chutneys we usually make, as at that time I did not have a blender.
I created this sauce for my partner as she is crazy about spicy sauces.
This is an eternal “I love you 4eva” from me to her.
Coming to China, I just continued making her sauces and sharing with friends. This is where the interest sparked and a good friend said,
“Why don’t you bottle and sell them?”…..And that is how it all started …
Fast-forward three years of product development and meeting up with a few good people that helped put our brand on the map, collaboration with Butler & Whites has brought us to our one goal of going to factory as they loved our products so much.
Now we cover a range of spices and pickles as well, with the tastes of the western world still not as easily found in China as back home, and with the current state of affairs, will be more difficult to find. Our focus is to make all those amazing things healthier, and with the resources found in the vast wilderness of China’s growing fusion food trend, more delicious than back home and appealing to the new Chinese palate.

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We, Franziska Gloeckner (German Process Engineer and Quality Manager with 15 years of manufacturing experience in China) and Karolina Weiss (German Certified Pet Nutritionist and Physical Therapist) founded Pawsome in 2016.

Since then, we have built a community of like-minded friends and clients who believe that species-appropriate fresh feeding is what our four-legged friends deserve.
I nearly lost my dog Kolya, a golden retriever, to fake pet food back in 2013, which made me look more into how commercial pet food in general is developed. I realized that feeding a dry food diet is anything but species appropriate.
When I met Karolina in 2015 it was like a match made in heaven. We both shared the same mindset on nutrition and healthy lifestyle and decided to team up. We launched Pawsome the following year in July 2016.
All of our standard meals for healthy pets as well as our customized meal recipes are carefully designed by Karolina Weiss. For customized meals we analyze prognosis and diagnosis reports to make sure customizations are done according to what your pet nutritionally requires based on provided data.
We keep things as natural as possible. While our recipes are rather complex and require a lot of time for development, we keep our processing simple and use easily available and seasonal ingredients to make sure dogs and cats can smoothly transition to the foods they are naturally designed to assimilate.
All standard meals are entirely grain free, and we refrain from using starch-heavy vegetables to support easier and faster digestion.

Coffee Lena

Coffee Lena’s Background - Coffee Lena has been in the coffee industry for nearly 20 years, roasting her own coffee at home since 1997. She was the CEO of renowned Specialty coffee chains, like HABITU Caffe and The Coffee Academics (HK, Singapore), Consultant for Greybox Coffee (China), Member of Specialty Coffee Association since 1998, Sensory Judge for the Grand Barista Championship and World Barista Championship back years ago. Graduated in the UK, Coffee Lena loves travelling, art and design. She has incorporated her passion in Art & Coffee in her coffee products. The Tattoo Artwork on the packaging is her logo.

Environmental Friendly - Coffee Lena Coffee is roasted with Solar Energy. Coffee Lena is aware of how coffee chains find it hard to be environmental friendly as using disposable cups and supplies for delivery, takeaway is inevitable.
High Quality Coffee Coffee can be affordable - Assuming that you consume one Daily brew per day in coffee shop, that cost you RMB 20-30 on average. The cost of Coffee bean in each cup is approximately 3-5% of the menu price. For Coffee Lena’s Drip bag using higher quality coffee comparing to most coffee chains, your daily cup is only RMB 6-8.
Why Drip Bag Coffee? Drip bag is the most convenient way to make a good coffee as long as we put high quality coffee into it. All you need is a kettle for water boiling, and use your favourite cup. Compare to ordering delivery and cost, Drip Bag is the lowest cost and you can get the perfect quality anywhere anytime. As most drip bag coffee in the market is for the mass market and quality is pretty low due to price war at online shops. Coffee Lena is determined to make use of drip bag products to provide higher quality and affordable coffee to coffee lovers.

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Spread The Bagel

Since 2010, Spread the Bagel has established itself as the premier artisanal bagel name in Shanghai. To this day Spread the Bagel is committed to serving only the best bagel, salmon, deli meats, coffee, and desserts whether they are made in-house or provided by the city’s best chefs and food operators.

Spread the Bagel’s team consists of professional and experienced bagel makers who are following an old school New York recipe that has been tested and applauded by both locals, the Jewish community and New Yorkers alike.

Mary Sweets

Mary Sweets Online Home-Bakery started back in 2016 when her children requested brownies. She then sent some samples to her friends who then suggested to her “why not pursue baking as a business?”

From this simple idea, Mary continued learning baking, expanding her recipes and perfecting storage and packing of products to be able to ship nationwide while remaining fresh and delicious. Starting from a small home-kitchen soon, demand became too much and the business was moved to a specialised bigger production area. Assistant bakers were hired to help produce more pastries and expand the ever growing range.

Mary Sweets specializes on Western-style desserts, cakes, cookies and is famous for brownies in particular, shipping them all-over mainland China via Shunfeng Express.

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HEROTEIN is a leading Chinese plant-based pioneer based in Shanghai. Redefining "meat" with plant-based meat produced using innovative fiber simulation technology. Meat that is not only tasty, but also healthier and more sustainable. 100% Vegan, 0% nasty. Better for you, better for all.

Product claims:
100% plant-based (Vegan-friendly), ZERO cholesterol, ZERO antibiotics, ZERO animal hormones, Non -GMO, high protein and rich in dietary fiber. Planet-friendly.


Our cheesemakers work their magic by combining the earth's finest plant-based ingredients into melt-in-your mouth goodness. GrassrootsTM plant-based cheese have less than half of the calories and fat, none of the cholesterol and require less than 10% of the water to produce compared to standard dairy cheeses. Simply put, cheesy dreams of animal free dairy are now a reality.

Grassroots was founded in early 2021 with the clear mission to develop plant-based dairy alternatives that taste better than animal-derived dairy and contribute to positive global change. GrassrootsTM aims to combat climate change and food insecurity by producing delicious plant-based dairy products with our proprietary blend of pea, starches, coconut oil, yeast and all-natural flavourings - completely free of cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics and animal cruelty. We hope you enjoy the love we put into making Grassroots cheeses.

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