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We are always looking for the next great product to add to our ever-increasing product family.

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This is a call to all culinary geniuses and food or drink entrepreneurs!

Do you have a super product that everyone loves, but you are wondering how you can get this edible masterpiece out to more people? Well, we have so great news for you!! We are always looking for the next great product to add to our ever-increasing product family.

Store your products in our strategically placed warehouses and have your orders packed by our professional staff before being whisked away to customers all over China. Your products will be listed on our fully licensed enterprise level ecommerce platform (that is hosted within China) allowing potential customers to find your products 24/7, 365 days a year. Gone will be the days of managing your orders over a WeChat account and packing orders in between producing your products (although you can still do this as well of course!)

Customer Support

We provide customer support for all of our partner's products, saving you time and money.


Have your product stored in our strategically place warehouses ready to ship and reduce the inventory storage requirements at your own facilities.

Picking, Packing & Shipping

We will organize all the packing and shipping requirements whenever an order is received for our partner's products.

Order Management

All orders our handled by our warehouse managers ensuring that shipments are expedited as efficiently as possible.

E-Commerce Platform

All our partner's products are listed on our enterprise level E-Commerce platform, enabling customers to find products and place orders 24 hours a day.

AliPay & WeChat Pay

We use fully registered and official WeChat Pay and AliPay payment gateways.

Does that all sound too simple? We hope that it does! All we ask is that you keep up the good work and re-stock us with your perfected products.

So do you think you have what we are looking for? Go on, get in touch, it (almost) never hurts to ask. This could be the start of a fantastic relationship!

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